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Keeping your facility safe with Life Safety Inspector

Easily and confidently complete your NFPA, EHS & OSHA inspections electronically knowing that everything was inspected and deficiencies accurately noted. In-house and out-sourced inspection vendors will use smartphones and tablets to record the inspection information with date and time stamps for each question they answer. Photographs and code references are linked to the inspection items to make every deficiency clear. At the end an industry-leading NFPA code compliant report is created at the touch of one button.

Send Sample Reports
  • Use it for NFPA, EHS & OSHA inspections
  • Impossible to miss an inspection
  • Impossible to miss a device on your route
  • Optional use of barcodes
  • Used by in-house or out sourced vendors
  • Deficiency photographs (time-stamped)
  • Voice to text
  • Real time updates from the field
  • Manager’s document portal

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    • Test drive is a unique way for you to see what Life Safety Inspector can do for you. Test Drive provides full access to our app with sample data relevant to your area of interest on your Apple/Android phone, tablet or laptop. You can try the app on your own or have one of our trained technicians walk you through the benefits and advantages LSI.