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The founders of OnSite Software have a unique combination of experience as fire protection contractors and as fire protection software developers. We’ve been contractor owners, estimators, designers, project managers and inspectors. We pioneered fire sprinkler design software in the mid 80’s and have continued life safety inspection software through today.

Our Services


Trained and experienced staff available weekdays 7am-6pm
A deep understanding of our customers’ industries and needs
Remote connectivity to facilitate problem solving

Data Import

Import your existing data to our application
Support for a wide variety of formats and software
Seamlessly integrates with existing software your company already uses


Every item of customer feedback is addressed, every time
Customer feedback is the driving force of our product

Custom Reports

We create report templates to suit our customers’ needs
Report templates in accordance with all major regulatory boards

Dashboard and Report Portal

Aggregates all data for simple concise viewing
Easily manage and send all of your inspections and reports

Companies being supported
Offices worldwide being supported

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    • Test drive is a unique way for you to see what Life Safety Inspector can do for you. Test Drive provides full access to our app with sample data relevant to your area of interest on your Apple/Android phone, tablet or laptop. You can try the app on your own or have one of our trained technicians walk you through the benefits and advantages LSI.